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Diversity Pride

Think Leader. Think Woman

It seems fair to say some progress has been made over the last few years as we are starting to move from a basic understanding of diversity to building true inclusion. But we are not there yet. And in my opinion not enough work is being done on redefining leadership and on helping us all develop a shared vision of what success looks like.

We are still recruiting in our own image; we look more favourably on a candidates or colleagues when their behaviour, or even appearance reflects our own, and this is a significant problem in the profession. This favouritism and bias are often unconscious, but when they impact every stage from recruitment and work allocation, to assessment and promotion, the result leads to a perpetual narrowing of opportunities for those who do not fit the mould.

We also know that this negative impact is even bigger on those of us whose identity is at the intersection of more than one group that has historically experienced discrimination (such as BAME and/or LGBT women), for whom the perception of being ‘different’ results in double and triple barriers.

Diversity Pride

It is fundamental that bias is eliminated as much as possible from assessment processes, starting at recruitment and maintained throughout every stage of an individual’s career up to, and including, the most senior leadership roles. Assessment of performance and merit should be objectively and value a spectrum of contributions (not just billable hours, for example) in a way which can be benchmarked and monitored for consistency. For example, blind and contextual recruitment, work allocation and gender balanced promotion rounds, assessment and renumeration panels, will help to attract more diverse candidates at entry level, and to retain and support them throughout their careers, developing high performers that will feel ready, willing, and encouraged to take on senior leadership roles.

In addition, it is crucial to avoid narrow definitions and categorisations; because dividing people in “groups” often has the unintended result of focusing on their differences, rather than commonalities, hence feeding into prejudice, discrimination and conflict (us vs them). That’s why we must move away from narrowly defined “diversity initiatives” (e.g. sponsorship for women or leadership coaching for ethnic minority employees) and towards more inclusive approaches looking at culture and behaviours.

Ultimately, success lies in creating an environment in which people feel supported for who they are, a workplace that understands that all our identities are at the intersection of a number of characteristics (e.g. gender and race, or sexual orientation, or age, disability, class,..) and hence promotes new visions of leadership and merit that go beyond the current stereotypes largely dominated by a western, white male perspective of success.

This shift takes a process of reframing our narrative and behaviours, takes imagination and a conscious effort to help us all visualise what’s possible through the power of story-telling: seeing is believing, believing is behaving. If we persevere in this we will reach a point where if We say the word “leader” the majority of you won’t be thinking of a white man but will have a variety of images that represent leadership to them and are all equally successful and visible in our workplaces. 

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Diversity Pride's highly innovative Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy is tailored specifically to your company needs and focuses on your most valuable asset - your workforce. Our LAB Journey Programme helps to drive your business goals in a tangible, measurable and sustainable way, through guided insights and actions. Diversity Pride have worked with HR, Legal, Operations, Marketing, PR and Learning and Development teams. To learn how we can work with yours, email us on or schedule a call HERE

Delivery Method: Online and/or In-Person

We offer a range of personal development and inclusive leadership courses to support the workforce of all levels from senior management to entry-level employees. We design activities for managers and senior leaders to respond to the unique setting you work in and the challenges you face. Our programme includes:

- Coaching and Mentoring Skill
- Communication Skills
- Conflict Management 
- Executive Coaching 
- Hiring, promoting and developing others in an inclusive way
- Inclusive and Compassionate Leadership training
- Inclusive Language and Branding

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Delivery method: Online and/or In-Person

Diversity Pride offers a range of over 40 specialist equality and inclusion sessions and workshops for staff and volunteers at all levels. Our aim is to help you improve workforce engagement; enhance awareness and understanding of the value of an inclusive workforce; ensure management meets your legal obligation and imporve outcome as an organisation. 

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Delivery Method: Online and/or In-Person

In 2020 the need for management and team members to be Equality, Diversity and Inclusion confident and efficient has never been greater. Organisations, leaders and most importantly customers are all looking to hold us accountable for our behaviours and our workplace culture. Our Open Programmes are held regularly throughout the year across UK, Europe, North America, and Asia and are open to all individuals and organisations. Our aim is to deliver tangible benefits by increasing workforce engagement and productivity; gain senior buy-in and ensuring you recruit and retain the best talent.

These programmes can be customised to meet your organisation needs and delivered in-house for your designated staff groups. To find out more get in touch by emailing us on or schedule a call HERE

Delivery Method: Online and/or In-Person

A seminar, panel discussion, conference, expo or product launch - we help organisations get it right! We can support you with as little or as much as you require. Diversity Pride can help you to:

- Source diverse speakers from a range of industries and levels
- Curate panel discussions and conferences 
- Build an Inclusive Marketing and PR campaign
- Find inclusive suppliers to deliver your event
- Chair and/or Facilitate panel discussions
- Find accessible venues and plan logistics
- Secure Sign Language Interpreters 
- Connect you with Partners who may wish to attend/support your event

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