Understanding unconscious bias and reducing its negative impact

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Alex Storer (he/him)


Live in Person or Virtual

Now more than ever organisations need to equip their people with the skills to minimise the risk of making biased decisions that may result in discriminatory outcomes based on one’s race, ethnicity, gender, disability, socio economic background or other aspects of their identity and lived experience. 

Our “Understanding Bias” course enables participants to become conscious of their biases and develop positive responses using easy to learn cognitive behavioural techniques.  

Each course is delivered live, not as a recording, which ensures participants remain in an active cognitive state boosting their learning experience, as well as having a chance to interact, ask questions and explore issues that matter to them. 

This is a key benefit of our approach as without live interaction our brain is far less likely to trigger the cognitive processes necessary to combat unconscious biases! 

Other key benefits of working with us include: 

- Exclusive delivery to your group to enable deeper and more meaningful discussion 

- Tailored preparation and follow up to enhance participants’ learning experience 

- Possibility to customise content to make it even more relevant to your organisation 

- Direct access to the trainer for support (not just an account manager!) 


“One of the best resources to tackle unconscious bias I have ever come across.” HR Lead, client organisation receiving Diversity Pride’s Understanding Bias training

“The journey made through the course of the training was engaging and relevant.”: Participant who attended Diversity Pride’s Understanding Bias training

More about our Understanding Bias course:

This course is designed to provide a clear understanding of what bias is from an evolutionary point of view, why we all have it, how to recognise and, ultimately, how to minimise the negative impact that biased behaviours or decisions can have on our lives and on people around us. 

Course structure:

1. Interactive exercises allowing participant to experience their biases
2. Brief overview of the science behind bias
3. Tangible examples of the negative impact of bias in the workplace
4. Moving from self-awareness to inclusive behaviours with easy to learn techniques
5. Top tip: one small thing we can all start doing from today to combat our biases

Learning objectives:

- Understand what biases are (and the science behind them)
- Appreciate the impact of biases on our decision making
- Explore negative implications of biases in workplaces
- Build knowledge to move from awareness into action

Open course for individuals looking to further personal and professional development

In addition to working with organisations to deliver group sessions, we also offer a monthly open course anyone can attend. 

Get in touch with Alex (details below) to discuss it your training requirements

Alex Storer

Author: Alex (Alessandro) Storer (he/him), Executive Director, Diversity Pride

Alex is an experienced inclusion and culture change practitioner. He specialises in behavioural change and inclusive leadership. He regularly delivers live online training sessions designed to minimise the impact of our unconscious biases and to develop more inclusive behaviours. For more information, please visit:


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