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Understanding unconscious bias and reducing its negative impact

Become conscious of your biases and develop positive responses using easy to learn cognitive behavioural techniques. Unlock your potential!

Each course is delivered live, not as a recording, which ensures participants have a chance to interact, ask questions and explore issues that matter to them.

This course is designed to provide a clear understanding of what bias is from an evolutionary point of view, why we all have it, how to recognise and, ultimately, how to minimise the negative impact that biased behaviours or decisions can have on our lives and on people around us.

The course will equip participants with tools to become conscious of our biases and to develop positive responses using easy to learn cognitive behavioural techniques that will enhance individual self-awareness.

Course structure:

Part 1

1. Introduction and interactive exercise 

2. The science behind bias (survival and brain patterns) 

3. Tangible examples of the negative impact of bias

4. Exercise: scenarios 

5. Feedback and reflections 

Part 2

6. When bias becomes embedded in organisational culture 

7. Individual and organisational strategies to minimise the negative impact of bias 

8. Moving from self-awareness (reflection) to developing inclusive behaviours (response) 

9. The key ingredients for sustainable change: a) Leadership b) individual awareness c) organisational culture 

10. From theory to practice: what can we all do from today to affect change 

Learning objectives:

After studying this course, you should be able to: 

1. Understand what biases are and the science behind bias from a neuroscience and evolutionary perspective

2. Appreciate the impact of biases on our decision making 

3. Explore negative implications of biases in workplaces

4. Build knowledge to move from awareness into action by becoming aware of your biases

5. Know why we all need to develop knowledge and awareness of our biases

6. Asses organisational risks: when individual bias becomes embedded in organisational culture 

7. Use individual and organisation-wide techniques and tools to address negative biases 

Who should attend? This course is designed for managers on all levels. 

Duration: 1.5 hour

Delivery Method: Online or In-Person [Please note, due to COVID19 Pandemic only offer online courses] 

Course Fee: NOW 40% OFF£149 GBP (Usual price £250 GBP). We offer a discount for groups above 10 people, please email us at


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Delivery Method: Online and/or In-Person

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Delivery Method: Online and/or In-Person

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